Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Fast Shoes

Our niece Karlie has a brightly colored pair of tennis shoes that she calls her "fast shoes". I love the idea that she feels fast when she wears them.

These are my fast shoes. My fast shoes
I'm not fast, and I know it. I have been wanting to start jogging for a while and have been inspired by my friend Susan who started a couple of months ago. I finally, finally got shoes. I'm cheap and indecisive so it takes me a while to do anything. I got the shoes, got my ipod charged up and was ready to run yesterday. I left the house knowing that the shoes wouldn't make me faster.

Almost an hour later I wondered if they did make me faster.  Between new shoes and my music I was able to go much father than I thought I would.  At the end of my walk/jog I went down and up this really steep hill in the neighborhood.  Normally it's no problem but since I was already tired I wasn't sure I would make it.  It felt like walking in quick sand.  Just then Prince's Lolita came on my ipod and I was able to get to the top with a smile on my face!

Music is so important in motivating me to run, I cannot do it without the right tunes.  I have some good ones but am looking for new songs to add.  They have to be pretty fast with a good beat.  If it makes me want to dance I can probably run to it.  Favorites are MIA, James Brown, Beastie Boys, and Fela. Any suggestions?

If you see me around town walking or jogging slowly and perhaps lip synching just smile cause you will know that I am enjoying myself and don't care if I look like a crazy woman! I came home feeling invigorated yesterday and I hope I can stay motivated because I sure do feel better when I exercise.

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