Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snapshots from my days off

I had the last couple of days off. I worked in the yard, enjoying this warm weather and whipping my yard into shape little by little. We helped a dear friend celebrate a birthday. I met mom and Karlie for some play time yesterday afternoon. We shopped for groceries at the HEB in Burleson (my stores' parent company) and really wished they would open one here. I almost finished a dress and a skirt.  I'm so close on both but each need some finishing touches.

I made Robin a Succulent planter for her birthday.
I love shopping for plants, and want so many for our yard and home.
Too bad our budget doesn't allow me to go on a plant shopping spree.

Check out my Cowgirl Ballerina niece and her confident walk.
I love the pig tails in the shadow!!

I'm almost done with this quick and easy skirt, just have to add a hook to the waistband.
It is very simple with a twist that I love, the curved hemline. 
I'm pretty proud of my zipper success on this one after a mess up the day before.
It fits loose, but I will wear it.  I will make another more fitted one soon as I love the style.
More details soon.
New skirt

I'm back to work in a bit.
Have a great day!

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