Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Granny and Pawpaw

I mentioned last week that my Granny and Pawpaw's birthdays had inspired me to finally scan old family photos.  There are tons more, but they are packed away with my parent's stuff in storage.  My mom is definitely the family photo keeper and I always enjoy going through old photos.

I wish I had access to pictures from the big family celebrations that we would have each year for Granny and Pawpaw's birthdays.  I miss those gatherings.  After Granny passed away in 2000 we continued to celebrate and gather for Pawpaw, who lived to be 93.  I miss both of my maternal grandparents a lot.  I was not as close with my paternal grandparents, though I did become close with my Amma in adulthood.  Pawpaw lived the longest of all of my grandparents, so I felt the closest to him and have the most recent memories of him.

Pawpaw was ten years older than Granny and they bickered so much that it became a family joke.  You can see from these photos that they had fun times too though.

Granny age 13

Granny in Little Rock 1946
Recognize that lawn chair?  We have a set like that one.

Granny and Pawpaw traveled around the Western US in the late 70's and early 80's.
I love these pictures! They went to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and all through New Mexico, Arizona and California.  They camped, explored and Pawpaw collected rocks, many of which I have and hope to someday make jewelry from.  In their backyard in Houston they had set of cement steps covered with an amazing rock collection that I so wish I had.
Granny and Pawpaw on the road

Pawpaw and aspen trees

Pawpaw and I in their backyard.
Me and PawPaw

Granny and I at my College Graduation party, May 1999.
Granny and I at my College graduation party

Pawpaw in his garage in Houston.  It was truly packed to the gills and this picture really doesn't do it justice.  There was just so much stuff.  Amazing.  They lived in that house for almost fifty years.
pawpaw in his garage

Pawpaw, Elliott and I in my parent's backyard. 
Pawpaw, Elliott and I

My grandparents qualities are living on through their children and grandchildren, and I'm sure now, great grandchildren who they never met.  I know my Granny's love of cooking and baking for family, her crafting and generosity have been carried down from mother to daughter to grandaughter and now to Karlie who also loves to be in the kitchen. They both loved gardening and being outside and obviously had a sense of adventure and love of travel.  These too have carried on in us.  Pawpaw whittled and Granny sewed, crocheted and did all kinds of handwork.  I'm confidently carrying on that tradition as is my mother.  Though our grandparents don't live forever they do live on in our hearts. Happy Birthday Granny and Pawpaw, love you always.

* I am baking another cake for a friend with a Saint Patrick's Day Birthday.  Vanilla Layer Cake with Lemon Curd and Raspberry filling and Cream Cheese frosting.  I also made fondant flowers for the first time.  This cake will be small and definitely a labor of love.  I may have to do a repeat for Easter so that my family can taste.  Oh, and I signed up for my cake decorating class at work.  I got the last spot!

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