Thursday, February 23, 2012

Growing Older

Lucy and I just got back from a walk.
The weather is gorgeous, warm and sunny with a cool breeze.
I forget how old this little dog is because she still acts like a playful puppy sometimes and doesn't look her age.  She is eleven now.  We got her a few months after we moved into our house, I think that's the way I keep track.  Poor girl got tired on our walk, neither of us get enough excercise.

Lucy on our walk

Lucy on our walk

Lucy on our walk

I would like to forget how old I am, and I used to. Now I am acutely aware of my age. I don't necessarily feel my age, but I do know it. I'm not old, but I'm closer to my 40's than my 20's.

I saw this cartoon that said, "I miss being the age when I thought I'd have my shit together by the age that I am now". I can definitely relate to that.

All this is to say that time is flying by and I need to get more exercise so that I don't end up feeling my age. 

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