Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flowers and Cookies

I'm still enjoying my Quince branch as the blossoms open. 

Quince blossoms

I moved it to the window sill by my desk and it looks so much like Spring.
It still feels like Spring here too.  On the news they were calling it June-uary.
I can't believe it is February already.  Time flies.
Quince blossoms

I worked in the floral department at work last Friday and really loved it.
The ladies are all lovely and sweet.  I hope there is more floral work in my future!
I brought home these Kanagroo paws to enjoy.
kangaroo paws

Tomorrow we are taking Karlie Rose to the Stock Show to see all the animals.  I'm hoping to catch the Rabbit show in the afternoon.  I plan on wearing my new boots that I got for Christmas.  You gotta dress the part, right?

I had my mind set on making the Blueberry and Cream cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar that I made several winters ago.  Once again the shopping list took me to four stores!  Joann for the glucose, work for dried bluebberries and white chocolate and two others looking for plain 'ol non-fat milk powder.  I think I threw a box of it away after it sat in my cupboard for a couple of years.  I guess I should make these cookies more often.  I make the Milk Crumbs last night and quadrupled the recipe.  I will double the cookie recipe and freeze the extra milk crumbs.  I'm trying to think of other baked goods that they could go into as well.  Need to use up that milk powder!

I'm hoping that Karlie likes these, but if not there will be more for us.  They are seriously worth the effort, so good.

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