Tuesday, February 7, 2012

....and the Stock Show Was Fun!

Frank and I went to the Fort Worth Stock Show last year, for the first time since I moved to Fort Worth in 2000.  It was fun, but sharing it with my niece Karlie was so much more fun!
Karlie, her dad (my little brother) and I went last week.

There was a corn dog, lemonade and cotton candy consumed.
Karlie and her foot long corn dog!

She rode the Carousel with daddy.
Carousel with daddy

Karlie at the stock show

The "bikes" by herself.
Karlie at the stock show

The teacups with Aya (me).
On the teacup ride with Aya

And we all enjoyed the petting zoo.  It was my favorite part.
The petting zoo at the Fort Worth Stock Show

This Scottish Highland Calf was so cute!
The petting zoo at the Fort Worth Stock Show

Sweet soft bunnies
The petting zoo at the Fort Worth Stock Show

Lots of curious baby goats
The petting zoo at the Fort Worth Stock Show

This one chewing on my purse!
Check out mine and Karlie's boots.
She got hers at the stock show, I got mine for Christmas.  Love them both.
The petting zoo at the Fort Worth Stock Show

Here she is the next day modeling her boots with the dress that I made her for her birthday.
This was the first time I had gotten to see her wear it.  It fits, but there's not much room to grow.  I measured her for future dresses and showed her the patterns that I have been buying for her.  Unfortunately most of the cute simplicity girls dress patterns start at size 3 and I think she is currently a 2.  Maybe I need to look into alternative pattern companies?

How cute is she?!
ess that I made her with her new boots

I love that girl to pieces and am so glad we got to take her to see all the animals.
We did wander through all the show animal barns and saw lots of pigs and cows.  The 4-H lifestyle is like a different world.  I grew up in the country but never raised animals, though I would have looooooved to have had a horse and did take lessons for years.  I enjoy seeing the kids grooming and showing their animals in the barns but always feel like I am getting in their way.  I guess they are used to it as the barns are open to the public.

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