Monday, November 15, 2010

My sweet baby and constant companion

I had a great Birthday weekend and will share pictures soon. In the meantime, today is my sweet old lady Malta's Birthday! Malta is 15 today, and I have had her since she was two months old. Malta and I have been all over the Western US together on road trips, and she is the best dog I could ever wish for. She follows me around the house and stands next to me to get scratches (she's doing that right now). She's a little grumpy and can't go for very long walks anymore, but we are lucky that she is in great health overall.

Here she is not too long after we got her.

Here she is more recently. She hates the camera and this is a rare clear shot of her.
Aw, my Malty

Love you old girl!


Katie Lime said...

so sweet! My dogs are getting to be seniors too. They are such great friends aren't they.

Karen said...

What a nice shot of Malta. And happy belated birthday!


Love your photos of Malta. I am a dog person as well.