Thursday, November 11, 2010

My honey

I was out of town on mine and Franks' six year wedding anniversary. When I got home week before last he had these flowers, a card, and this photo framed for me. I took the picture on my iphone with the Hipstamatic and texted it to him from California. He had it printed for me and it turned out great! He read tips online that said to tell the photo printing people that you don't want any color correction on your Hipstamatic prints. This one is black and white so it didn't matter, but I will keep that in mind for future prints.

This is the image that he had printed.
landscape with buster

As soon as I got back in town I was planning my friend Robin's bachelorette party and doing wedding errands and crafts with her.
I haven't figured out what to give Frank for a belated anniversary gift.

Here we are on our honeymoon in Belize. I think we look so happy!
(and I had a tan!)
By the way, that was the best and cheapest meal of our trip.
We had the lobster burrito at this hole in the wall spot, and it was so delicious.
Lobster Burritos

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Karen said...

What a honey you have--nice welcome home.