Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! On Saturday Frank and I went to the Japanese Gardens here in Fort Worth and the weather was just perfect. We try to make it at least once every fall to see all the amazing colors while the leaves are changing. I may be biased, but our Japanese Gardens are fabulous. Frank and I visited the one in Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco and were underwhelmed after being spoiled by ours. I always find the Japanese Garden here to be a magical place, no matter what time of year we visit.

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Japanese Maple

Koi in the Japanese Garden

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

My birthday weekend

Saturday evening we celebrated with some of my favorite people and had an impromptu outing. We were able to see Jeff Bridges perform songs from the Crazy Heart soundtrack with T Bone Burnett. I was right up front with my friend Penny and it was a great show.

Jeff Bridges!!!

We continued celebrating on Sunday at my Mother in Law's house. She generously cooked for us, making her fabulous homemade Salsa, Chicken Caldo and Spanish Rice. Yum!
I didn't get pictures as I was too excited to eat my soup. I will have to make it at home soon and share the recipe with you.

Thanks for all the birthday love! Though I do feel older, need an eye exam and some serious wrinkle cream, I couldn't feel more loved.


penelope said...

you're one of my favorite people in the world and spending your birthday with jeff was PERFECT!

Ashley said...

Yes, it was perfection! Thanks again for celebrating with me. xoxo