Thursday, July 1, 2010

Queen of the castle....

.....Or so she thinks! There seems to be a theme going here. Lucy lays where she wants and for the most part we let her. Frank says I spoil her, that she shouldn't get to be in our bed more than we are. I just can't help it, she is too cute to punish. Plus, mostly she just lays in a spot, not really hurting anything!

Here she is in a laundry basket full of clean laundry
This is at my parents house. This pillow lives there for precisely this reason. I bought it in Belize on our honeymoon and it is made from a Guatemalan Huipil. I hope to bring it home someday, but maybe I don't quite trust Lucy just yet (she is 8).

We moved this chair into the front bedroom and she has taken it up as her prime napping spot

On this occasion she actually pulled back the covers and made herself a nice cozy spot right where my head lays at night. She usually sleeps under the covers, so she was probably thinking she could just let herself under there before we cam to bed.

On the bed again...

And finally, not napping, but protecting her kindom!