Friday, July 9, 2010

What the?

Why would someone cover up a perfectly good window and the molding around it with sheetrock? Who knows when this was done (our house was built in 1923), but I just undid it, well almost. I cut the hole as big as the window but have to consult with someone who knows more than I do about what to do next. My main issue with this house has always been the lack of natural light in the front room. There are two windows across the front, but I don't like to keep the blinds open and allow people to peep in (maybe a semi-sheer curtain can remedy that issue). Mom had noticed this window years ago, but I never realized it was only covered by a single layer of sheetrock. I was taking down decorations to paint this wall and after removing the nails I kept seeing a pinhole of light coming through. That is when I investigated and figured out this was something that I thought I could tackle. I'm just not sure now if the whole wall of sheetrock needs to come down or if we can just cut it out around the molding. Either way I'm thrilled to have all this added light in my new office!

I'm also narrowing down paint and fabric choices for the front room. I never new how hard it was to pick a gray! There are way too many choices here. I know a dark gray will darken the room, but I am just going to use it as an accent wall above the mantel. I will also use a lot of white to counter act the darkening affect. I have to re-cover my desk chair and also may use fabric to cover a lamp shade and possible a window treatment for this newly uncovered window. Here is what I have so far, the green ikat is from Tonic Living and the beautiful amoeba like fabric is from Spoonflower.


Lora Hart said...

Bizarre! I saw that on an episode of some HGTV show. How about window film to cover the front windows, but let light in? Looks beautiful and there are so many cool designs.

Lorena Angulo said...

What a wonderful find !!!! ;-)
Love the colors you are choosing.
I always loved the silver-gray color, it gives light to any room. I am sure whatever you choose will look incredible !!!