Monday, July 19, 2010

Hanging in there...

It is HOT here. We had lots of rain and cool fronts last month and had a pretty nice June. Now it is topping out at about 104 degrees and it is time to retreat inside. I say that, but I'm about to go do some work outside with Frank, not fun. The plants are hanging in there too, and some of my beauties are blooming. I think the bright, vibrant colors of these flowers are appropriate for this weather, they seem to go hand in hand.

This is my Flame Acanthus. I caught the tail end of the first bloom, they were covered in these orange flowers, but it will bloom again this fall. The hummingbirds love this stuff, I even saw one drinking from it in the rain!

I love this combo, it is golden oregano and creeping Plumbago, that blue is to die for!

I bought two of these mini roses probably 7 or 8 years ago and gave one to my mom. This thing just barely hangs in there, never growing more than a foot tall. I guess it is healthy though, and is out there blooming in this heat. I love that orange!

I missed getting a picture of my Texas Sage covered in blooms. It is one of those plants that just bursts into bloom and takes you by surprise. I looked over and it was covered in lavender colored flowers, all six feet of the bush. My camera batteries were dead, and by the time I charged them the blooms had faded.

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lynn bowes said...

Love these pictures! I'm such a flower freak in the summer, completely ignoring my workshop so I can appreciate your garden goodies. Flame Acanthus . . . wonder if that will survive in zone 5 :: lynn