Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An up close look


I photographed these fallen sticks laden with lichen at my parents new place in Wimberley last weekend. I found the details in the lichen to be endlessly fascinating. You can see much more in these macro photos than with the naked eye. I love the shapes and textures and can't believe how much variety there is in these little mini epiphytes. I feel the urge to investigate these plants further.

me on the property

Our airstreams' new home-ready for guests


Emily said...

Love the lichen pictures. Your frames match!

lynn bowes said...

Oh wow! Those look like a dry country thing, sort of like air plants. What great shots you got, too.

Love your Airstream - I have a '63 Shasta that I'm finishing and hope to have ready for a couple of trips soon. Such fun to fix up the old ones, no?

andrea said...

Wow- there's all kinds of inspiration in those branches,beautiful!