Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My new sewing area

I finally have a sewing table set up at home. I will still sew at mom's too because I do rely on her to help me fit some things. I am hoping to get more done now that I can sew whenever the urge strikes. I haven't shared my pattern purchases lately because, well it has become an obsession! Every time patterns go on sale at Joann, which is often, I feel the urge to stock up. Who can resist $1 patterns?! I have a stash of fabric too and lots of projects to get done. I think this spot just needs a good lamp and something on the wall to look at.

Funny thing is I have had this old oak table for some time. I had planned to use it for a desk, but had actually been using it for my jewelry photo area. Mom gave me a table from her studio and it had been sitting on my back porch for months waiting to get painted. This weekend that finally got done. When we brought the table inside it stuck out like a sore thumb and I didn't like it in our room at all. It was sitting next to my antique oak dresser and just didn't look right. So I switched the tables and I think this looks so much better. It blends in with the dresser and is just the right size. I can't wait to get some sewing done now.

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