Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy in the Kitchen

Last Wednesday evening we were getting ready to head out of town for a long weekend. Mom had requested that I make some bread and I got a little carried away with that task. I have used the basic recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day numerous times. I had borrowed the second book, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and wanted to try out the whole wheat bread. I had previously tried adding whole wheat into the basic recipe but that was a big fat fail. I realized after looking at the book that you have to use Vital Wheat Gluten with whole wheat flour to help your dough rise. In addition to the plain dough and the wheat dough I found a recipe on the website for a Brioche dough for danishes and I wanted to make a pizza for dinner. So I got to mixing and had four bowls of dough rising at once.

After our pizza dinner I got to work on my loaves.

For the basic recipe I divided the dough in two and added monterey jack cheese and roasted pablano peppers to one. To the second loaf I added mozzarella and roasted tomatoes.
The cheese oozed out of the loaves a bit, but turned out delicous!

The danish recipe looked pretty complicated, but wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I did one with caramalized apples and almond frangipane and the second with cream cheese and strawberries (the hands down winner!).

I thought the Brioche dough looked yummy even before it was baked.

The frangipane sprung a leak, but didn't affect the danish too badly.

The final result. It is looking like a bakery around here!
Probably not great for the waistline, but it sure was yummy and I don't bake like this too often.


Nena said...

mmmmm, I could smell the bread, delicious!

Rat Trap Press said...

Oh man, that looks good! I love any kind of apple pastry.