Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vintage McCall's 3835

McCall's 3835 Front

This was my first finished garment of the year. I actually started this overall dress back in December but the topstitching was giving me so much trouble that I set it aside for a while. My machine just didn't want to stitch over even one layer of this lightweight denim with topstitching thread and it was super frustrating. I finally cleaned and oiled my machine and came back to the project with more patience. In the end it was totally worth persevering. This is McCall's 3835 from 1973. Oh how I adore 70's fashion, I am a child of the 70's after all. I found the pattern on sale on Etsy and just had to have an overall dress. I used some Japanese cotton Denim leftover from the Miette Wrap skirt that I made for my friend Gretchen.
  McCall's 3835McCall's 3835 McCall's 3835 Back

Styling wise I think this dress works pretty well with tights and this tee, however it looked even cuter with a more fitted Nettie top that I wore with it this week.

The original pattern has an invisible side zipper but I wasn't feeling that. Instead I made a little tab for
a button and button hole. I sewed one side shut, as I only required one button to be open to shimmy into this thing.
  McCall's 3835 BackMcCall's 3835  Back detail

I shortened the dress, and had to draft the missing strap pattern piece. I use the term drafting loosely because, rectangles, duh. It did work out better that way so that I could make them fit my hardware perfectly.
  McCall's 3835 Vintage Overalls and Overall dress pattern

I am really happy with this addition to my wardrobe and I feel like I will wear this dress year round. The fabric wrinkles easily but that really doesn't bother me too much. I think this style is the perfect mix of vintage and modern, hip and art teacher-esque.


janet in ft worth said...

It just kills me when you come up with these 70s patterns that I had clothes made out of when they were new! My mom made this for me in gold wide wale corduroy, with a gold and white gingham shirt. I liked the style, but hated the color (and my mother thought it was MY color!).

Ashley said...

Janet that is so funny! I would love to see photos of your moms 70s creations.