Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miette(s) and their mates

I have recently started doing some un-selfish sewing for a couple of friends. This is not like me at all, but when I saw the Miette wrap skirt pattern it just screamed Gretchen. Gretchen is my life long friend and a talented artist. This skirt just looked like her. I'm so glad that the idea of making a Miette for her came about, because it also motivated me to make one for myself, and I know it won't be my last. I'm totally in love with this pattern!

I made G's version out of a lovely Japanese cotton denim that I found at Joann. It was my first project to do top stitching on and I love the result! I think the skirt is a hit with Gretchen, she said it fits well and she really likes it.
Gretchen's Miette

And an action shot. Gretchen's Miette

I made my version of Miette in a denim with a bit of stretch. The only change I made was a swayback alteration. I'm not even sure if I'm doing those correctly, but it seems to work. I adore this skirt! It is not something that I was initially drawn to for myself, so this un-selfish sewing has benefited me as well.
Miette meets Anna Maria

I dig the 70s vibe of this design, it is really an era that I am drawn to lately.  Perhaps because I was born in 1975 and my mom was a young, stylish woman in the 70s. The skirt overlaps by quite a bit in the back, so there is no fear of a wardrobe malfunction, at least in a sturdy fabric like denim. It also has the perfect A line shape, slightly flared, but not over the top.Miette meets Anna Maria

And great big pockets! Miette meets Anna Maria

Here is my favorite detail, the top stitching. Might be time to try to make some jeans. Miette up close

The top is a super simple, but new favorite pattern, Simplicity 1106. I made the size Small, view D without the pocket. I left off all facings, opting for self bias tape instead. I shortened this quite a bit, but will make the longer, tunic length to go with leggings in the Fall. The fabric is Anna Maria Horner Rayon Challis and I LOVE it. I always snooze on designer fabrics, but am thankful for Etsy sellers who have them long after the big boys are sold out. I made this top out of 1 yard of fabric, barely enough but it worked. This top looks fabulous untucked with jeans as well. What you can't see here is the cute shirt tail hem. I do love a good shirt tail hem line! I recommend this pattern as well, it is a quick make and fun to wear.Miette meets Anna Maria

The back cutout detail is my favorite. It adds just enough interest to make this top not be plain Jane. Miette meets Anna Maria

I forgot to mention that there is something to be said for sewing in multiples and really getting a pattern down. Of course this one was easy to fit, and didn't require any fitting really (aside from my swayback alteration). I think having made one up for G first really made my skirt go faster. I have done some un-selfish sewing for my mom, my mother in law and my other bff Christi. The funny thing is both the piece that I made for my mom and for Christi I want to make for myself as well now. Perhaps the un-selfish sewing will continue, if only to get me to explore new shapes for myself that I may not have been drawn to or thought of before.

I am now in the midst of being obsessed with sewing swimsuits. I'm working on a Papercut Pattern Soma top at the moment, and have several more planned. Daydreaming about the trip that we want to take to Tulum this Fall for my 40th I suppose. Gotta have the swim wardrobe locked down first!

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