Monday, October 21, 2013

Fabric Shopping in New York

I'm sorry for leaving you with a picture of my face for so long! I know I'm tired of looking at it. I have been a bad blogger and Have not shared our vacation with you. Now I must share at least a little in advance of showing you my newest finished sewing project.

Our vacation had two parts. The first half was visiting friends in Washington, DC and the second half was a whirlwind three days in New York.

One of my main goals in New York was to fabric shop in the garment district. We knocked that out the first day after a picnic in Central Park, which was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I love a good picnic! Frank was with me at Mood, which I found completely overwhelming. I didn't go in with a plan or a shopping list but rather just looking for fabric that caught my eye. That was a mistake. I want to go back and spend days in the garment district, with a bigger budget and my mom in tow. Frank was patient but it was still a bust. The first stop I made was at B&J fabrics and it was actually my favorite. I made the mistake there of only buying one piece of fabric, thinking that I would find so much more at all the other stores. Wrong. Oh well, next time I know what to expect. New York!

We also ventured to Purl Soho and though I didn't find anything there to take home I loved the neighborhood and all of it's cute shops. New York!

One of my favorite spots was actually a warehouse type store on Broadway.  I don't remember the name, but the prices were right and I guess the better fabrics stood out much more easily.
 New York!

Here are two of the three pieces of fabric that I came home with. A gorgeous African Wax Print on the left from B&J and silk from Pins and Needles in the Upper East Side.New York!

I recently finished a dress with the African Wax print and will share that soon.

Our trip was really more about visiting friends, walking the city and eating, eating, eating.  I will probably show you more very belated vacation pictures soon.  It was so much fun!

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