Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little (Mermaid) Sneak Peek

I set aside my own sewing projects to make Karlie a birthday present. Per her request, a Mermaid Costume with a Boobie Bra. Oh that makes me laugh every time. Her 4th birthday party is this Saturday and it is the first one we won't be able to attend. I'm sad about that, but we were just there a few weeks ago. Mom and dad took this gift for her to open at the party and I can't wait to see a million pictures, especially of her wearing the costume. I guess costume making for Karlie is becoming a birthday tradition. Last year it was Snow White. I suppose as long as she is into costumes I will be into making them for her!
Weekend in Austin Sneak peek of Karlie's birthday present

One reason that we won't be at the birthday celebration is that we are saving for a real vacation, just the two of us. It has been ages since we took one and we are so excited. I'm in the midst of planning right now.

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