Monday, July 15, 2013

Hand Dyed Silk Top

I made this top last year and it is one of my favorite handmade items. My mom and I had an impromptu Indigo dyeing session before they moved away and I used the silk that she gave me for this project.

Handmade top from hand dyed shibori silk
 Top made from hand dyed Shibori Silk Top made from hand dyed Shibori Silk ndmade top from hand dyed shibori silk

Here is a close up of the fabric.
 ndmade top from hand dyed shibori silk

The pattern is McCalls 6205, which was actually intended for knits. I knew there would be a lot of ease in this pattern so I cut an XS, but then ended up adding about 1/2" back in on the side seam right under the arm holes. I also shortened the pattern quite a bit, almost too much in the front though I still love this top.

I'm about to cut this pattern out in a knit, with a neckline variation.  It is definitely a fav now.

I have been toying with the idea lately of dyeing my own fabrics and investing in dyes.  I always relied on my mom for those sorts of projects but she is too far away now.  I have lots of ideas stored away.  Sallie Oh just posted a great tutorial on the basics of dyeing and painting fabrics.  It just may give me the push I need to get started.


alicia said...

This is just beautiful! I LOVE it!! I would love to see more about dyeing fabrics.

sallie oleta barbee said...

Ashley this is GORGEOUS!! Just so fantastic! I love the way you've placed the design elements on your shirt. It's truly a one-of-a-kind piece and gives me TONS of inspiration!! Please keep it up! I only have a little bit of familiarity with shibori techniques - what did you do for this?? It looks a little bit like it was bunched around a cylinder, but I can't tell for sure...

Ashley said...

Thanks Ladies! Sallie, you have no idea how much your compliment means to me. I admire your style and your talent immensely! Perhaps I can put together a tutorial with my mom, she is the one with the knowledge and I need to learn from her. I know for this particular pattern we took a pvc pipe, twisted the wet fabric and then twisted it around the pipe. We then used string and tied it tightly onto the pipe. This was done with idigo, which seemed very mysterious as it turns green first and then oxidizes after you take it out of the dye bath. My mom has a blog but doesn't post regularly. I'm going to bug her for some tutorials!