Saturday, January 12, 2013

Year of the Home

Frank and I had a lovely day off together this past week. It was rainy and cold and we set off on an adventure. We hit a few of our favorite thrift stores searching for treasures and enjoyed lovely cappuccinos together. A simple day off is a rare treat for us and I sure enjoyed it.

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I was out for a jog the other day and it hit me that in 2012 I became a knitter and a jogger. Both things did not come easy or naturally to me, but were things that I wanted to conquer for a long time. With practice, patience and persistence I did indeed achieve what seemed beyond my reach. I'm really proud of those things and hope to continue to jog and knit. The jogging is definitely the more challenging one. I started up again this week after a month off. I signed up for the Cowtown 10K and have a little over a month to train. Since I'm not where I was before the month off I have a ways to go.

I looked back to this time last year and I hadn't declared any resolutions so much as a general goal.  I had declared 2012 the year of Finishing Unfinished Projects.  I'm not sure I pulled through on that one, though I would still like to keep that goal.  Instead it became the year of Achieving what seemed out of reach.  That's fine by me.

For 2013 I would like to make this the Year of the Home.  I love to knit and sew and often do for others or for clothing for myself.  I want to work on loving our old house more and making it a place full of handcrafted loveliness.  I'm more of a planner than a doer and that may not change.  I actually enjoy the planning part of crafting and home projects.  However, I do hope to have more doing in 2013.

Enjoy your weekend!
I'm off to work soon but will have another day off with Frank tomorrow.

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