Monday, December 17, 2012

I Turn to Baking and Crafting

I saw the horrible news from Connecticut on my lunch break at work last week. My heart goes out to all of the families that were affected by such a senseless act of terror and to the whole community of Newtown. It was a gray day here, which felt appropriate. I went home from work and turned to my Christmas baking and crafting for comfort. Feeling ambitious! Garland progress

Baking and crafting are my small way of sharing love with my family and friends, and this year my coworkers. I love to bake and make things for people and I love that these small things can bring joy to others. We are having a much smaller Christmas this year because of Frank being sick and off work. At first that made me sad, but now that I'm not running around, stressed out and tired, I'm enjoying the season. We will buy a few gifts, but I'm making more and that is really what I enjoy about the season. Baking, crafting, eating great food and being with family and friends. That is what it should be about.

Love to you and yours this in this stressful holiday season.

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