Friday, January 13, 2012

In my absence

In my absence from this space I have been working and spending time with my niece Karlie on my days off. She, mom and I went to the Japanese Gardens to feed the "fishies" last Friday and this week Frank and I had her overnight Wednesday night (for the first time) and I kept her yesterday for the day. We had lots of fun, our primary activity was making sugar cookies. She loves to help and was involved with every step of the process. She really is a great helper.

Last Friday at our beautiful Fort Worth Japanese Gardens
Feeding the fishies

at the Japanese gardens

at the Japanese gardens

We had done the sugar cookies at Christmas, rolling the dough that I had previously made and cutting with cookie cutters.  They were my favorite Sugar Cookies I had ever made and I will continue to use this recipe from Glorious Treats again and again.  We topped the cookies with this frosting and then sprinkles. 
Christmas 2011 197

This time Karlie helped me make the dough.  I measured, and she poured.
Karlie helping make cookies

This time I rolled the dough into balls and flattened prior to baking. 
As I expected, they weren't quite as good as the Christmas batch as this dough is meant to be rolled, creating an even thickness.

She loves sprinkles.
We made sugar cookies

We made sugar cookies

She also loves Lucy. 
Unfortunately it was too cold to play outside yesterday.
lucy and Karlie

I'm so thankful for such a loving, sweet, and fun little niece.  Frank and I both adore her and cherish the time we spend with her.  We are lucky that she loves us back.

Today I caught up on jewelry, temporarily hooked up my new flex shaft and used it for the first time weeeeeeee!  I have to figure out the best spot for it to live on my workbench and rig up a deeper ledge for the stand to attach to.  I'm so excited to really see what it can do. 

We have been staying on track with meal planning and grocery shopping and it is nice to not have to stress about what to cook and eat.  It never made sense to stress about that since we both love to cook, but it happens to everyone at times I suppose. 

I have no lack of ideas for things to talk about here, just a lack of time.  I have been sewing a little and am almost finished with a dress that I started in the fall.  I took an Indian cooking class on Tuesday and plan to share recipes soon.  I will try to post more regularly.

Have a great weekend.