Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Lovely Day

Yesterday was lovely.
One of my birthday requests was to go fabric shopping in Dallas with mom.
We do it a couple of times a year together, hitting up the outlets on Harry Hines and a new favorite City Craft.
We were up early to take my brother to the airport. It is unusually cold for early December in Texas.

Sunrise through icy car windows.
Sunrise through icy windows

Mom bought me these gorgeous fabrics at one of the outlets.
Soft, soft cottons and courduroys for no more than $4 per yard.  Score!
New fabric

I found this Kokka fabric at City Craft for Karlie's "Pack Pack" which will be made from this Made by Rae pattern.  I am also thinking of making her a hooded cape.  Maybe with this pattern?  Though I'm having trouble with their website when trying to purchase it.  I love making things for Karlie!
Christmas crafting

Frank and I enjoyed a wonderful performance by one of my favorite bands My Morning Jacket.
It was awesome!
I know that my concert photos always look the same.  It's all lights and you can't see the band.
I still love them though.
My morning jacket

I love the holiday season but it seems more overwhelming than usual this year.
As always, I'm asking myself, why didn't I start crafting gifts months ago?
There will be crafting.  There will be baking.  There will be time with wonderful loved ones.
I'm trying not to panic, not to pressure myself to make everything and to just slow down and enjoy the season day by day.
Aaaaaaaah, off to craft, decorate, shop, make lists, visit loved ones, and on and on.

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Connie Akers said...

Your pictures are really neat. It WAS a wonderful day. I was thinking last night how I wish we had more of them and then telling myself to be thankful for each one. Also told self this morning to take it "One day at a time". LOVE, LOVE.