Saturday, December 10, 2011


So much to do, so little time.  I know everyone feels that way this time of year.
I'm almost finished with one big Christmas gift that I have been working on since summer.  The only one that I started on in advance.

I made cupcakes for two friends birthdays that we missed last month and they will be delivered this evening.  I used the Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache filling from Bakergirl and the Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting from Glorious Treats.  I had the idea to top each with a blackberry, so I colored the frosting violet.  After they were piped I decided the blackberry would ruin the pretty swirl.  However, I just taste tested one with a blackberry on top.  Yum!  These cupcakes and frosting are both favorite recipes that I will use for years to come. 
Cupcakes for friends

I cut out Selena Mermaid from the Wee Wonderfuls book last night.  This will be the third, and I think, easiest project that I have made from the book for Karlie.  Bonus, I didn't even have to buy any fabric for this project.  There are only four pattern pieces.  I enlarged the pattern 1 1/2 times to give her a little more impact.  If you don't already have this book and you like to sew for kids, you should definitely get it.  The book, as well as the projects make great gifts. 
Selena mermaid

I learned a new term today from my mom (not sure where she got it).  Craft-aster.  That's what my house is.  A disaster created as a result of crafting.  My dining room is definitely a craft-aster, and the rest of my house has been neglected lately as well.  I want to decorate for Christmas, but with the mess on the craft table aka dining table there seems to be no point.  It will probably be one of those last minute, friends are coming over lets pull out some decorations type of things that I have done the past few years.

I also want to do my usual Christmas cookie baking with mom, but my schedule isn't looking too good for the coming weeks.  We shall see.
Craft-aster dining room

The Christmas Crafting will continue. I'm considering something like Anna Maria's Figure 8 scarf for gifts. What are you making for gifts? Are you buying handmade this year?

I'm still making and selling my jewelry too, by the way.
Enjoy your weekend!

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