Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Gretchen!

Today is my friend Gretchen's birthday. We have celebrated each others birthdays for twenty one years, along with Christmas, graduation, weddings, etc. Gretchen is my oldest friend and I love her to pieces. She is one of the most talented and driven ladies that I know. I have talked about our friendship beginnings and her talent before.

I shared an old photo booth picture of the two of us with her earlier this year and she said, "I wish we had done that every year of our friendship". Well, we didn't do a photo booth picture each year but I was inspired to find pictures of us from each year since 1990. I did find almost all of them, I'm only missing four years out of twenty one.

Some of my favorites.
1993 Visiting Gretchen in Austin


1997 Visiting G in Santa Fe

2004 At mine and Frank's wedding

I love you G!
Happy Birthday, I hope it's a great one.


Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

You're the sweetest Ash!
I'm so lucky to have you as my bestie for the past 20 years!
I love you,

Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

where was that 3rd one taken?

Ashley said...

We were with my mom at a little cafe/ coffee spot off the plaza. I have no idea what it was called though.