Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving was good

Thanksgiving was good.
Karlie (our niece) thought the desserts meant it was Aya's (me) birthday again.
She sang Happy Birthday to everyone, I think.

Thanksgiving 2011 009

Frank and I love to bug her and she loves us.
Thanksgiving 2011 018

We got her!
Thanksgiving 2011 021

Thanksgiving 2011 016

Karlie rode the train that Poppy made her (twice) to see the horses on the other side of the neighborhood. 
Thanksgiving 2011 027

We fed the horse that came to the fence.
Thanksgiving 2011 030

Thanksgiving 2011 037

Karlie and I both have sparkly shoes. 
I found them both at a thrift store on the same trip.
She Loooooves shoes.
Thanksgiving 2011 052

The desserts were great, though there were way too many. 
Thanksgiving 2011 050

Lemon Curd, you are sinful.  My first time to make you will not be my last!
Thanksgiving 2011 049

Millionaire's Shortbread was shared with family friends that we visited, more will be shared tonight and some will be frozen.  It goes a long way.
Thanksgiving 2011 048

Frank's smoked Turkey didn't come off the smoker until 2 AM yesterday but it was well worth the wait. He did a great job!
I slept for eleven hours last night and I think I have recovered from Thanksgiving at Central Market. Good thing since I'm back to work today.
Have a great weekend.

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