Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Late Summer Walk

After a miserable summer, we North Texans had a reversal of fortune this past Sunday. Gusty winds blew in a "cold front" turning temps from blast furnace to perfect, practically overnight, dropping highs by twenty degrees. Morning and night are cool and breezy, in the heat of the day it still feels great. This isn't even normal September weather for us, it is cooler like October and November. I know it will get hot again, so we squeezed in a walk on the trail. We hadn't been out on this trail since we lost Malta.  Lucy walked mostly off the leash, and behaved herself for the most part. Times like these give me a sense of calm and happiness. They are too few and far between.

Just off the trail we found this little nest like fort structure.  I wasn't sure if it was created by neighborhood kids or homeless people.  Regardless, it was cool and reminded me of mine and Elliott's childhood forts.  I don't think we have any pictures of them, but they were super cool and kind of like this in a circle of trees.

I love those sunset colors. I have been thinking about color a lot, more than usual I guess. There is a Fall Pallette Sewing Challenge going on over at Colette Patterns and I so wish I could find the time to participate. My relationship with clothing is a difficult one. I don't like most of what is in my closet, am too cheap to buy new clothes (I always talk myself out of purchases) and don't have time to sew all the sewing patterns that I hoard.  I think this sort of challenge would force me to think about what I wear and be more purposeful in my clothing choices. 


kmenchaca said...

Oh my goodness, you were right by my house and didn't come by!!! We've been taking Gabe down by the little streams all week and just throwing rocks in. I love the Fall.

Connie Akers said...

Glad you got out. Kathy & I took a long walk this morning down to the river and it was beautiful. This afternoon we went over to Telluride - also beautiful. Heading home tomorrow. Miss you. Love, Mom