Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall and I think everyone around here is happy to say goodbye to the Summer of 2011. The weather could not be better and I've been trying to get out on walks and enjoy it while it lasts. Apparently we are set to have a hot and dry Fall and continue in drought conditions into next year. Here are some images from our recent walks.

Tuesday on the Trail with Frank and Lucy
Late summer walk

Late summer walk

Late summer walk

Late summer walk

Late summer walk

Yesterday Lucy and I saw this poor beautiful Blue Jay on our walk

Today on our first day of fall walk.  The sun felt intense and the breeze cooled us.  
It was lovely.
First day of fall walk

We made our way down Camp Bowie and inspected this soon to be Bakery.  Not that I need to eat more sweets, but it makes me happy to see new small businesses opening up in our neighborhood.
First day of fall walk

I hope you are enjoying the weather where you live and that Fall treats you well.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Unknown said...

beautiful pics! the bluejay broke my heart though.

Amen, bring on Fall! :)