Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Palette Challenge Obsession

I mentioned the Colette Fall Palette Sewing Challenge the other day in passing, thinking that there was no way I could find time to participate.  Well, I became obsessed with the idea, as I tend to do, and created a palette and inspiration board.  I have two patterns cut out and plenty more in line.  I have no idea how many pieces I will have time to actually finish in the next 7 or so weeks that are left in Colette's time frame.  It doesn't really matter though as I need clothes, have lots of fabric and patterns in my stash, and will simply sew when I can find the time.  

I'm still narrowing down my fabric and pattern choices, and will get back to you on those.  The ones that I have cut out so far are Simplicity 2250 View A in a black and white polka dot cotton pique and 2305 view d in a lovely plaid pima cotton.  Both are Cynthia Rowley patterns, which I have been pleased with in the past.

Of course I had a hard time narrowing down my color choices and ended up with 8.  The Anna Maria Horner print in the middle was my inspiration and though I wanted to make a blouse with it.  It will likely be a skirt since it only comes in quilting weight cotton and not the sumptuous Voile that I have come to adore.  A few of the colors are already in my wardrobe and I won't have to make anything new with them. I also have pieces that I have sewn and never worn, which I plan to integrate into my new wardrobe.  Some need hemming, letting out, or were just out of season by the time I finished them.

I used Pinterest to gather inspiration.  I love that site and you can find my pins, including all of these pieces, here.

I'll share my progress soon!
Back to work on jewelry for now....

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