Friday, July 15, 2011

My first Prong Setting!

I didn't always like the look of prong settings, so I hadn't found the need to learn to make them. I did try once, unsuccessfully last year to set an opalized clam shell in a prong setting. I'm digging the more contemporary look of thicker gauged prongs, and after seeing a tutorial by Joanna Goldberg in the current issue of Art Jewelry Magazine, I wanted to try again.

A friend wanted me to come up with a setting for her turquoise cabochon. Her husband gave it to her for her birthday, but the bail came unglued and it needed a new setting. I thought prongs were the perfect choice, since they show off as much of the stone as possible and had a similar feel to the original idea of just the stone hanging from a bail.

I didn't have the soldering brick that Joanna recommends, where you can push stuff down into it. It's on my list now! I used this honeycomb brick and made it work by pushing the wires into the holes, but that might not always work depending on the spacing of the prongs and the gauge of the wire.

I'm thrilled with the outcome!
I see lots of possibilities with this new technique that I've learned. I'm so happy that I'm enjoying jewelry making and having fun playing around and learning new things. Of course its not perfect, but its pretty good for a first (well second) try.


Katie Lime said...

Looks awesome Ashley! That's one big hunk of turquoise:)

Belinda Saville said...

For your first prong setting, you have done a brilliant job! Your friend must be thrilled with her new pendant :-)

I ADORE Joanne's work...she has taken prong settings to a whole new level! I saw her article in the latest Art Jewelry but I don't have the soldering brick she mentioned so I haven't tried her technique yet. Any prong settings I have made have followed the technique of John Cogswell in his book 'Creative Stonesetting'. Love that book!

Your work is really gorgeous...I'm following your blog now, so I look forward to seeing what you create next! :-)