Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrations need cookies

Mexican wedding cookies

I'm off for an exciting weekend of celebrations.
My brother and his girlfriend are getting married tomorrow!
We are all thrilled and can't wait to feel all the love that will be surrounding them.

One of my contributions to the party is Mexican Wedding Cookies. I tested two recipes and this one won. I use finely chopped pecans in place of ground almonds. They are very tender and yummy. I made them small, tablespoon size, and it made 30 for a 1/2 recipe. So I'm doing a double recipe and that should be plenty. There will be cake too after all.

Mom and I will be doing flowers and decorating and all that fun stuff.
I'll take pictures so you can see.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Karen said...

Happy wedding! What a blessing for your family :)

Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

Wow! Please tell Elliot congratulations for me! Have fun and can't wait to see pictures!