Monday, July 11, 2011


It was a busy, but fun, weekend of preparations and celebrations at my parents house, my childhood home.
My brother and his girlfriend got married and we all had a blast.
This was a casual backyard wedding, the fourth and final wedding at this house for us. Family friend Shari married there, as did my dear friends Susan and Matt, followed by Frank and I and now Elliott and Celeste. I'm so glad they were able to do this before my parents move to the Hill Country.

Mom, Shari and I did the flowers on Friday and that is always my favorite part.
Flowers, my favorite part

Flowers, my favorite part

Flowers, my favorite part

Flowers, my favorite part

I baked the Mexican Wedding cookies, which were delicious, made salsa, guacamole and 6 lbs (!) of Charro Beans (with Frank's help). You wouldn't think beans would be a much requested recipe, but they are so delicious and got rave reviews.

I wore a dress that I finished Saturday afternoon, but of course did not get and good pictures of. I didn't get many pictures at all actually. My camera died right after the ceremony started, and even though I changed the batteries after I was having too much fun to take pictures.

Someone was really tired.
Someone was tired!

They have been a family for almost two years now, but are now officially husband and wife!
The newly married couple

With all our love and blessings, we wish you two nothing but happiness in this life together.
We are so lucky to call you our family.

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Unknown said...

what sweet pictures and great job on the flowers! much happiness!