Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Snow Day

Sorry for my absence lately, I suppose I have been busy. I spent last week working on Etsy orders, grocery shopping and eating in, bundled up with Frank and the dogs, and cleaning house for our niece Karlie's visit. Karlie and her mama got in on Friday and we spent the day playing and having so much fun! Saturday was even more fun because we took Karlie to the Fort Worth zoo. She is at such a fun age and has started calling me Aya, its really cute. I love that little munchkin with all my heart.

On Saturday night I baked cookies for a baby shower that I attended yesterday. I made those Flourless Chocolate cookies that I had made before Christmas and had so many frustrations with them. Luckily I doubled the batch and ended up with some good ones, but I threw away several whole trays of cookies. I can finally share the gift that I made for the baby shower and will post that tomorrow.

For now I'm playing catch up and sharing pictures from our big snow day. It finally warmed up on Friday and has been beautiful, sunny and in the 70's, but for the past two weeks we were frozen here with record lows and lots of snow (for us).

These pictures were taken week before last. We had a big ice storm on Tuesday and then the snow started Thursday night. Frank and I went out and checked out the snow about midnight.
Our big snow day of 2011!

The next morning it was already warming up and it was so pretty outside.
Our big snow day of 2011!

Our big snow day of 2011!
Lucy was very excited to be running lose in the front yard. We played stick and she had fun. I love this one because it looks like she is smiling!
Our big snow day of 2011!
Malta wasn't as sure about the snow, she is an old lady and is always cold!
Our big snow day of 2011!

Happy Valentines Day!
I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon for mine and Frank's special dinner.

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