Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Annie's Pillow and Blanket

I was invited to a friends' baby shower this past weekend. I knew about the shower and what this adorable invite looked like in advance because my good friend Robin was hosting the party. I decided that I wanted to make a pillow and blanket for the baby similar to the ones I made last year for Leo. I used this invitation for inspiration on both the colors and the pillow design. I have removed some info from the invite for privacy reasons, but you can still see how cute it is! The invite is by Studio G Designs on esty and she is a local girl. She also did Robin and Chases' wedding invites and is super talented.

I had a lot of fun picking our fabrics for the pennant on the pillow. I designed the pillow and my awesome mom did the sewing for me. She used a satin stitch to make the letters on the fabrics after I applied wonder under to them. After she stitched the letters I cut out the triangles based on my design, each one is slightly different to give the illusion of depth. Then we ironed all the triangles on and mom appliqued them down. Finally we used vintage ric rac for the string on the pennant and sewed the cute edging into the pillow. Thanks mom! Oh, and I forgot, we backed the top with a lightweight batting and mom freehand quilted around the triangles and those adorable clouds. I love it and Sloan did too!

I used the Granny Stripes pattern by Lucy of Attic 24 for this blanket. You can see more info about the yarn and a link to the pattern here. The granny stitch in general goes really quick and is perfect for a baby shower gift. I love the stripes and the only part I didn't like was weaving in all the ends. I think it turned out super cute and this yarn is soooo soft.

I showed up early to help decorate and was able to arrange some flowers. I love arranging flowers and these are so pretty.
baby shower flowers


Amanda Conley said...

Oh my gosh! Cutest pillow and blanket ever! You could totally start another etsy shop if you wanted to (or had the time ;)

Karen said...

gorgeous! Lucky baby and mama to have a friend like you. We have loved the gifts you made Leo--he's at the stage now where he likes to chomp on the blankie. Nom nom nom.