Monday, February 28, 2011

In my office

After our friend John brought me a pot of Tulips at Christmas I had vowed to keep flowering plants in my office window. Well, I finally found another one that worked, a hot pink Kalonchoe from the dollar store is brightening up my space!
Dollar Store Kalanchoe brightening up my office window

Here is another sunny little arrangement on my mantle (to the right of the image above). The colorful vase is one of my favorites and was scored at our flea market years ago from my favorite vendor. The tall enameled vessel was made by my college professor, enamelist extraordinaire, Harlan Butt. Check out his website, his work is amazing. The tiny enameled lidded bowl was made by me in college and is one of my most precious belongings and favorite things I have ever made.
enamel and ceramic


Connie Akers said...


Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

I have one of those flowers too, it's been going for a year and a half in my window, I just didn't know the name!

Ashley said...

Valerie, that is awesome, I had no idea they could last that long! Do you just keep pinching off the dead flowers so it can rebloom?