Monday, September 27, 2010

More progress shots

diy trivet
The trivets that I have weren't quite large enough for this piece, so I grabbed some wire at Lowes and improvised. It worked like a charm!

Remember my question about building a little oven around my torch firing area? Well, a fellow Etsy Metal member came through with an answer, as usual. Maria of Fluxplay linked to her coffee can kiln and gave me instructions for constructing one. I love her theory of keeping costs down and making due with what is available and cheap!

coffee can kiln for torch firing

This one is still a work in progress and didn't do the trick the way it is. I did read in the Rio catalog to preheat the beehive kiln for 30 minutes. After doing that and firing this piece for 10 minutes it was all smooth and pretty. There are some impurities in the white enamel still, I imagine from torch firing. I plan to stone it down and give the enamel a matte finish anyways, so I'm not worried about the spots.

I do still have to figure out how to set the enamel portion in the pendant and am playing around with different ideas.

tryin to figure out...

Here is another piece that I am working on. I put together these white stones one day and came up with a pendant design around them. I plan to enamel the copper and then tube rivet it floating above the bezel backing. I think it will be really nice.

New pendant

red enamel and stones....

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Connie Akers said...

I really like where this is going.