Sunday, August 15, 2010

My new room


My front room/office/studio is finally coming together! I got the shelves put back together and some decorations on the walls. For some reason painting always takes me forever, but I finally got it all done and am so happy with the outcome. This room (at least this side of it) is now full of things that make me happy and I just smile when I see it. You know that feeling when you are so pleased with your accomplishment that you can't stop looking at it? That is how I am feeling about this room, and now I really feel like I can utilize the space and want to be spend time in it.

book shelves rearranged

I have selectively brought home some family heirlooms and collectibles as I helped my mom go through her belongings. The old camera above was my grandparents and still has their address sticker inside. The bottle collection came (mostly) from mom too. My great grandfather owned a pharmacy and several other stores and some of these came from his barn.

Bottle collection

I'm loving the A that mom gave me, as well as the jars full of shells and coral.

by the window

This piece, which will hold all my business cards and random office supplies, has been in my parent's house as long as I can remember. I am so happy that I get to give it a good home now.

my office organizer

These old type letters were from my mom's collection too.

ashley and frank

So, this is the other half of the room, my studio. I used to have a divider that hid this area from view. While painting, the divider was out of the room and the room felt soooo much bigger. I decided to leave it out, but now I have to beautify my studio area! That is probably a good thing because having this more attractive will make me want to work more, hopefully. I have some plans, including new lighting (much overdue) new art hanging system, painting the ugly file cabinet and replacing the draw organizer with something more attractive. These projects will probably be put on hold for a while though, as I'm about to start getting ready for my fall shows.

Before and progress shots here.


Karen said...

beautiful! Nice work--no wonder you're so proud.

Connie Akers said...

It looks great; It makes me smile that you're giving some of my "stuff" another life. I think you should submit to design sponge. Where are you going to use the new old lamps?

Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

Wow, it looks so great Ash! It is fun to see some of the objects from your parent's house-the A, the secretary organizer, and the frog vase, now in your place. I can see why it makes you smile.

lynn bowes said...

Oh my goodness! I look through your photos and I'm thinking "I want that, and that, and that, and . . ."

Lucky you to have such great space. It really puts your head in a good place as you work when your surroundings are this sweet.

Laura Crawford said...

Wow, that looks awesome! I bet it makes it so much nicer to come home. :)

Amanda Conley said...

I love the room! It's funny, I have our name in type set letters on our mantle. =) We must have similar styles!

Allyson Latta said...

Hi Ashley,

I've been looking for a photo to illustrate a series on my memoir site about the belongings people treasure, and why. Would you allow me to use your photo of the shelf with heirlooms, books, etc.? If so, please let me know how you'd like to be credited. My website is Thank you!