Thursday, August 26, 2010

A First Birthday Bracelet

Please forgive me for not taking a proper picture of this one. I made it the day that we left for Austin, and that was after running around all morning! It was a rushed job, but turned out adorable, I think. The bracelet is sterling and copper with a little peridot for Karlie's birthstone. It fit perfectly, thanks to a size chart that a fellow Etsy Metal member shared with me.

It was a challenge getting the thing on her, and she wasn't quite sure about it once we did. She pulled on it a bit. I'm thinking I should try making her a little cuff which would be more flexible and grow with her some.

Here is Karlie wearing her bracelet and checking out one of the books that we got her.
Karlie Rose's First Birthday

I just couldn't resist this one. She is too precious. That rocker was my mom's when she was a child. Mom also made the cushion for it and the little doll blanket that is hanging over the back.
Karlie Rose's First Birthday
I knew I would love this child from the moment I found out my brother and Celeste were expecting. I had no idea how much! We have three beautiful nieces on Frank's side, so being a Tia is not new to me. There is something different about a child that looks like you and belongs to your sibling. I am so in love with her and I can't help but smile ever time I catch a glimpse of her!


Karen said...

oh she looks so happy! I bet she had the best birthday. What a great tia you are :)

penelope said...

that bracelet is so precious! and she is so lucky to have such a wonderful person for an aunt.

Ashley said...

thanks ladies!