Thursday, August 12, 2010

More from Colorado

I flew into Cheyenne, Wyoming last Thursday, and my dear friend Christi was there to greet me at the smallest airport I have ever been to in the states. We drove down to Fort Collins, Colorado where she and her family live and I spent a long weekend with her and her three kiddos. On Friday we drove down to Rocky Mountain National Park and it was much larger and more magnificent than I had imagined. We were greeted by rain and I was even cold, hard to imagine when you live in Texas in August! We spent the afternoon in the park doing two short, kid friendly hikes. First we walked around Sprague Lake and then up to the falls called Alluvial Fan. I enjoyed every minute of that day and really felt like I was soaking in the beauty and was calmed and relaxed by my surroundings. I want to go back and camp in the park and explore a whole lot more. I feel like you could be there for a week and not scratch the surface.

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Karen said...

beautiful--and so calming. Thank you for sharing!