Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom's Rose Garden

Ms Meowgi
I snapped these shots of my mom's gardens last week when I was helping her prepare for the sale. Ms. Meowgi followed me around while I checked everything out. I'm really going to miss this place. We moved here when I was in the sixth grade, twenty three years ago. The new place is beautiful too, but Frank and I were married here so there are a lot of memories in this backyard.
Mom's roses
My parent's plan to travel a lot once they move, so there won't be much gardening going on. All of these roses are gorgeous and make me really happy.
My Pawpaw rooted this red rose for my mom from a plant that he had in Houston. I wish I had learned that skill from him because I would like to have rootings from all of these roses. These aren't all the ones she has, there are quite a few more that I didn't photograph. One that my great grandmother brought from Germany, at least I think that is how the story goes. Mom?
Mom's roses

Mom's roses

Mom's roses
Don't forget about the poppies, I love those too!

The blackberries will be ripe soon and it will be time to make cobbler. Yum!


Teri said...

Omgoodness! This is a great post. Purrfect in every way. Touched, Teri

Kitty said...

what beautiful flowers your parents have!

poppies are some of my favourites.