Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where I have been

I have been buy getting ready for Fiesta Art Fair in San Antonio next weekend!
I made new displays with dad on Thursday and have been working away on new jewelry. I don't have any finished pieces to share yet, but here is my work bench full of projects. I did my email newsletter about my show on Mail Chimp, which I love. They make it so easy to have a professional looking email. Check out my email here. I'm also working on some simple literature to hang in my booth. I thought that some people might like to read little blurbs with answers to frequently asked questions.
parts and pieces ready to get a patina
these will become enameled earrings
bag 'o parts for fiber jewelry
Thursday evening mom and I went down to Main Street Art Festival, here in Fort Worth, to check it out. My friend Kari of Fat Cat Studio was participating for the first time so we chatted with her for a while. We then set out to see the show and it is so big! We were there for three hours and didn't see everything. Some artists were starting to close down their booths by the time we were leaving. I have always been intimidated by this show because of the size and the length (four days). But after talking to some wonderful artists I have gotten over my fear and plan to start applying. It is a hard one to get in to, but if I can it would be wonderful. There are artists from far and wide, I think the farthest on that I noticed was from British Columbia. Some of my favorites were: Rone Prinz (who couldn't have been more friendly and was one of the people that encouraged me to apply), Janice P. Ho (whose gorgeous quirky jewelry I had seen online before), Mimi Damrauer (who we chatted up about Chicago and fabric dyeing), Lisa Crowder (who I finally got to meet after seeing her work for years), Carrie of Skosh Design (who's jewelry incorporates unusual materials and will also be at Fiesta), and Kevin Peterson (who's paintings were really inspiring). I always get inspired by going to this show. I love doing shows myself and like to look at how people display their work. Main street has a great energy and has always been on a level that I have aspired to. Now I plan to take that next step to see if I could actually get there. I met lots of artists who will also be at Fiesta next weekend. Fiesta holds a party for their artists Saturday night, so hopefully I will get to talk with some of them more! The show goes through this evening, so there is still time to check it out.

I might not be posting much for the next week or so. When I get back from San Antonio my friends Laura and Russ of Path Less Pedaled will be here. I feel like I know them already from following their blog of their travels, but will finally meet them next week.


• • Christine Terrell • • said...

Love the bits and pieces in a pile. Can't wait to see the finished products. Good luck at Fiesta, I've heard it's a great show. I was told I need to apply, so can't wait to hear your take on it. I'm still nervous about Main Street too. Guess I'll have to take the plunge eventually. . .

ArtAfterDark said...

Thanks for your Main ST. experience. It is almost too big to tour. Kind of like the Grand Canyon of ART! Also, thanks for the links to the wonderful artists. Much appreciated and I discovered some incredible pieces!