Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Me in my booth.
me in my booth
I'm back from Fiesta and in semi recovery mode. We got back on Monday and I helped Frank type up his first college research paper. Yesterday I headed to Argyle to unload my booth from my Dad's truck and help my mom with some stuff. I haven't gotten to rest yet, but that is okay. Fiesta was a great event despite a near wash out on Saturday. Some dedicated, hard core supporters came out in rain gear and made it a wonderful day despite the rain. Sunday was gorgeous, and there were tons of people out enjoying the show. I love San Antonio, and Fiesta is a really well run and lovely show. They treat the artists great and I hope to be there many more times in the future. I had a corner booth for the first time, which I thought was great. I was able to add two more cases to my display by pushing the tables out to the corner. I also put white watercolor paper on top of my black displays which brightened things up considerably. I took a bunch of shots of my booth and have to pick one for a new "booth shot".
finally sunshine on sunday!

with 5 cases in a row and white paper on displays
My new print outs. Frank said he noticed lots of people reading them.
new info print outs
The new earring stand that my dad made me.
new earring stand that my dad made for me


Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

Your booth looks great Ash! Glad to read it was a good weekend for ya!

Ashley said...

Thanks G, that means a lot coming from you!