Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Parasol Trousers

These are my Parasol Trousers, a brand new pattern from Ensemble Patterns. I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for the trouser portion of this jumpsuit/trouser pattern. It was my first time being a tester and I truly enjoyed the experience. Being on a schedule is not typically my thing for sewing, but it did push me to power through the fitting process, and helped me to continue my journey to understand pants fitting and get a great fit on my body.

Ensemble Parasol Trousers

Celina of Ensemble Patterns and Gabriela of Chalk and Notch released two sewing patterns in tandem. This one from Ensemble and the Orchid midi from Chalk and Notch. They are designed so that you can "create 3 different top options, 4 bottoms, a choice of 2 waistbands and so many ways to make it your own." What a great idea! You can read more about the pairing here

Ensemble Parasol Trousers

Once again I went with this kind of funny cropped length that I have heard described at 7/8 length and I am loving right now. Someday I will probably look back and say, those are so 2018, but I'm ok with that.

Ensemble Parasol Trousers

When I started making this pattern I really didn't think these were my style. They are dressier, or more professional, than pants I usually wear. But I am so in love with these pants now! This version is a wearable muslin in a lightweight (maybe too lightweight) chambray. Since I got such a good fit I will definitely wear them. I got them a little tight so I plan to make this exact fit again in a stretch denim or twill and I will utilize some contrast topstitching to really show off the great style lines and pockets that this pattern feature.

Ensemble Parasol Trousers

Parasol Trousers: Size 4 at waist grading out to an 8 at the hips
Loves: The pockets, the clean waistline with no waistband, the wide legs , the style lines and design with no side seam, and the fit in the butt
Dislikes: None!
Adjustments: Low butt, swayback, narrowed the front and back seams by 1/4", took in the waist and round pubis. Keep in mind that I made the tester version 1 and many of these changes might not be necessary for me now.

My measurements
Upper Bust 34"
Full Bust 36"
Waist 27"
Hips 39"

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Unknown said...

They look amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of the process and making this pattern amazing. <3