Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vintage Simplicity 9006 or Dream Dress

Vintage Simplicity 9006

Dream dress here. You can tell I'm feeling cute and clever in this outfit.
  Vintage Simplicity 9006

I took my time on this one, though don't I always. I am a slow maker. I did make a muslin for fit but something went awry in the chest. It is TIGHT and though it looks cute it isn't the most comfortable of garments that I have made.

Vintage Simplicity 9006

Tightness in the chest aside, I adore this dress. Those brass buttons pop! That slit is adorably demure. The linen denim, and the topstitching, and oh the buckles from France. Need I go on? The pockets, the pockets. The 70s vibe. It is all there for me. If only it weren't so tight in the chest. Oh well, lesson learned.
  Vintage Simplicity 9006

I made a muslin, I swear I did. And it fit! I think I probably set the buttons slightly too far over and maybe the buttonholes as well. I feel like I need about an inch of ease added to the top of the bodice. Like if I unbutton the top two buttons I am good lol. I kept the topstiching mostly to one line because I didn't want too much of a Western look. Though I'm coming to realize my style has a slight Western vibe. Not overly so.

Vintage Simplicity 9006 Vintage Simplicity 9006

Pattern is Simplicity 9006 from 1979. I could tell this pattern had potential, despite the terrible model shot. It is always the line drawing that reveals a pattern's true potential. Pro tip, look at the line drawings!

Simplicity 9006

See what I mean? Look at that sassy vibe.

Simplicity 9006

This was a Junior size 11 but I took a chance on it because I got it really cheap on Etsy. My muslin and fitting had me add 3/8" at the front waist, tapering out to nothing at the armhole and just below the hip. I curved the back bodice waist for a swayback adjustment. That's how I always do it, not sure if it is "correct". I added 1" at the back bodice waist and 1.5" at the back skirt waist. Again, tapering to nothing at the armhole and below the hip. I'm not sure altering the original partner pieces was the smartest idea but you know, laziness prevails sometimes. Maybe I was out of tracing paper?

Simplicity 9006 Simplicity 9006

Next time I am adding that bodice ease all the way up to the armhole. But for now this is my dream look. I am slowly developing a handmade wardrobe, custom fit (even if tightly) and custom to my imagination. I am loving it. Why on earth did I end up in a career where I wear a uniform to work?! You can see progress shots over on Instagram.

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