Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ice Dyed Flutter Blouse

Papercut Flutter Blouse and Self Drafter Wrap Circle Skirt

This Silk Dupioni Papercut Flutter Blouse was actually my first version of this pattern (second version here). I made it in the Fall of 2016 to wear to a wedding along with this self drafted silk wrap skirt. Because of some major issues with attempting to hem the skirt by myself I didn't actually wear this outfit to that wedding. These were the first pieces that I sewed after spending most of 2016 on a sewing hiatus while we remodeled our house. This piece of silk is very special to me because I ice dyed it with my mom on a Summer vacation almost four years ago. I just love the random print that the ice dyeing created. It reminds me of a lace agate or layered sedimentary rock in technicolor.

Papercut Flutter Blouse
I used the less shiny side of the stretch charmeuse on the exterior of this skirt. 

Papercut Flutter Blouse and Self Drafter Wrap Circle Skirt

I made the XS but altered the pattern by removing some of the gaping at the back neckline and hemline.  I also added 5/8" seam allowances and French seamed the interior. I used a contrasting fuchsia silk dupioni for the bias binding and let it peek out just so on the sleeves and neckline and I love the effect. I shortened this version quite a bit to make it work better with a high waisted skirt. I have the option to tie the points together in the back and create a slight blousing at the waistline. 

Papercut Flutter Blouse and Self Drafter Wrap Circle Skirt

The fit of this pattern in this more structured fabric is so different from my other version in Rayon Challis. I actually think the quite curved, dropped shoulder works best in a more drapy fabric. That doesn't stop me from being thrilled with the outcome of this version.

Papercut Flutter Blouse and Self Drafter Wrap Circle Skirt

My skirt is a gorgeous stretch silk charmeuse that I paid more for than any other single cut of fabric that I've ever bought. I then proceeded to make a midi length self drafter wrap circle skirt. Not having mom live nearby anymore and not owning a dress form I attempted to hem it and all went haywire. It was terribly crooked and I couldn't live with it. I kept chopping it shorter and never could get it straight so I gave up until my mom was visiting and could trim it while I wore it. I probably threw away half of the fabric, which is a shame, but I do love this length after all, so I'm not mad about it.

IMG_1851Papercut Flutter Blouse and Self Drafter Wrap Circle Skirt

Flutter blouse insides
Interior cunstruction

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