Friday, April 28, 2017

Plantain Tee in Leah Duncan Knit

Plantain Tee in Leah Duncan knit

This was my fourth time to use the Plantain tee pattern, and I didn't make a straight up version until the fifth make, right after this one. If you haven't tried this pattern you should check it out. It is a free pdf pattern from Deer and Doe, and a great basic with lots of opportunities for alterations.

IMG_1198Plantain Tee in Leah Duncan knit

I made this version up in this gorgeous knit designed by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics. It is buttery soft and has a nice stretch and recovery. I have noticed however that it is starting to pill slightly after a few washes. I suppose I won't be able to wear it as often as I would like if I want it to last.

Plantain Tee in Leah Duncan knit

Plantain Tee in Leah Duncan knit

Like I said, this was an altered version of the Plantain. I had used this version before and it worked well in a super drapey and thinner rayon knit. I was going for a fit and flare look but my pattern altering skills were a bit off on this one. When I sewed it up in this heavier weight knit this pattern just looked funny. The little wings on the sides just drooped sadly and folded in on themselves. I wasn't about to let this fabric be ruined however so I cut a big wedge out of each side. I think it still ended up wider than the original pattern but it hangs more naturally now. After that I ended up needing a sway back adjustment and once again hacked a wedge of fabric out of the back at about the waist level. It ended up looking purposeful, almost like the peplum that I added in my previous make. It works for me and saved this coveted fabric. I need to try the Closet Case Patterns Ebony T-shirt for that fit and flare effect that I was going for.

Plantain tee alteration

If you haven't heard of Leah Duncan check out her work here. I am a big fan. She is a fellow Texan, and I met her once at a pop up shop at the Modern Art Museum here in Fort Worth. I adore her botanical designs and have a print of hers that I need to frame and hang.


Kathryn said...

I love the Leah Duncan fabric you've used! The colours are gorgeous. I have some of her 'Yore' fabric - the 'up above the clouds so high' print - in quilting cotton which I plan to use for a quilt back but it's so gorgeous I keep swithering about using it for clothes for me.

I think your alterations look great! Have you seen the hack that Ebony did of the Scout Tee on her blog a few years back? It might be useful for you

Ashley said...

Kathryn, thank you! I have seen that altered Scout and loved it. In fact, one of my unclogged Plantain variations was inspired by that post. I think I donated it because it was made out of this crazy disco-esque crushed velvet floral and I never wore it. I loved the fit though and need to re-use that altered pattern.