Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's a Plus Blouse

This was one of those sewing projects that, while not easy, came together seamlessly. No pun intended. I tissue fit the pattern and was really pleased with the fit of this blouse. I had to take in just a bit at the sides from about the middle of the midriff section up. It turned out really cute and a perfect combo of retro and modern. The Pattern is out of print Simplicity 2601 that I scored on Etsy. The fabric is organic cotton voile that my mom bought for me at City Craft in Dallas for my Birthday last Fall. I want to buy all the fabric from that line!

I squeezed the pattern out of a yard and a half of fabric. I think Cotton Voile might be my very favorite fabric to work with. It is soft as butter and lovely to wear. I heart this blouse! What a nice way to start off my sewing for the year. My new blouse/Simplicity 2601 My new blouse/Simplicity 2601 My new blouse/Simplicity 2601

Frank took these picture for me at the Modern Art Museum last weekend. It was quite windy but I think he did a good job. I'm standing in front of the Richard Serra Sculpture in front of the museum. It is an echo chamber on the inside and everyone is drawn to interact with it. So much fun!

I have to mention my shoes because I'm obsessed with them.  Frank got them for me for my birthday and they are by Kork Ease.  They have to be the most comfortable heels I have ever worn, and super cute too.  I love them to pieces.  

I've been on a sewing roll and have finished a knit dress, maxi skirt and cropped cardigan as well.  So many more projects are lined up on my sewing table.  I've also been trying to finish a knit scarf that I started about a year ago but then set aside all Summer.  I am a sloooooow knitter but am trying to work on it little by little.  Hopefully before Winter is over I will get to wear it.


lynn bowes said...

Darling, darling pattern! Cute print and this looks so comfy - time to do away with tee shirts totally! Watching what you have sewn over the last year or two has inspired me to dust off my old Singer and give it some life. I sewed everything in high school and college - when did that leave me?

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. Love your little creation.

xo :: lynn

Ashley said...

Lynn, That means a lot coming from a fellow artist! I do love a good tee shirt but have been trying to have a more put together wardrobe. I have been sewing with knits a lot and love the comfort factor there too. Let me know if you dust off the sewing machine!

Weaveron Textile said...

Gorgeous! The colors are lovely. What a beautiful spot for pictures.