Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 A Year in Review

I love looking back on what I have made and accomplished in a year. The process gives me a sense of fulfillment. Even if I haven't stuck to my plan or accomplished all of my goals I can see all the wonderful things that have happened. I did quite a bit of sewing in 2013. It was definitely my crafting focus. I mostly sewed for myself and Karlie, with a home decor project and one knit and one crochet completed. I would always like to make more, but here is what I completed and photographed last year.
2013 Makes

I still have a couple of un-photographed pieces that I completed for myself.  I tend to go on sewing binges and make a few things.  I don't have a sewing room, so my machine and everything else get spread out on the dining room table.  Eventually I get tired of looking at it or we are having company so they get put away for a while.  I have so many more sewing projects cut and ready to go, so I have high hopes for this year.  I love sewing for Karlie as the projects are always high on cute factor, and easy with no fitting woes.  I do want to knit more this year.  I have conquered knitting to the extent that I can read patterns and it isn't totally alien to me know.  However I am the slowest knitter ever and can't imagine making a sweater, though I really want to!

You may be wondering why I never share jewelry anymore. That is because I rarely make new designs these days. With working full time my jewelry making is mostly limited to items that sell on Etsy. The rest of my time is devoted to selfish sewing and crafting. I did finish two new pieces just in the nick of time for Christmas, and both of which I am very proud of! The first is a Mother's pendant which was commissioned by a friend.

 The second is a Pendant for my mom that I started a Year and a Half ago! It went smoothly at first and then just came to a point where no matter what I did I couldn't solder on the prongs that I had planned. Finally it dawned on my to just change my plan and make it work. It isn't the best crafstmanship I've ever done, but considering my stale skills and the fact that it was a new design for me I am pleased. I love the little flower with the Peridot center. Karlie's birthstone is a Peridot and her middle name is Rose, so this is sort of a Grandmother's pendant for mom.

This time last year I had declared 2013 The Year of The Home. I made one pillow. I did do better with houseplants and with arranging some of my collections better. I do still want to give our home more love. With a big roof replacement pending and possibly more long overdue renovations, perhaps this year that wish will come true. In 2013 I ran a 10K and kept on running throughout the year, when the weather cooperated. We joined a gym but didn't stick with it, but hope to get back soon. Frank actually liked working out for the first time ever, which was a big change! We took a real vacation and I hope it's not another nine years before the next one. One of my biggest joys in life is traveling and going on adventures with Frank, so I hope that we can enjoy more of that together. We do as many small adventures together as we can, going on local trails and wandering through the woods. I had the best birthday yet last year! It included friends, family and a picnic in the woods with Frank.

For 2014 I plan to continue my selfish crafting. I want to get back in the gym and continue running outside as much as possible. We are going to attempt the Whole30 challenge, cutting out alcohol, sugar, dairy and grains for a month. I am also focusing on being more grateful. Life is never perfect, but I have a lot to be thankful for! Happy New Year Friends! xoxo Ashley

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