Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heart Knickers for my Favorite Girl

I love sewing for Karlie and these might be the cutest thing I have made for her so far. Denim with tiny hearts? Yes please! Knickers with gathered pockets and tons of cute details? Of course!

It is always hard to get her to model her clothes, but once she starts posing she is a total ham.
I didn't get very good pictures because of the low light, but check out the cute inset pockets, they're my favorite part.

McCalls 6540

I was so excited for her to wear these that I neglected to get all of my markings off. Oops. McCalls 6540 Karlie and Lucy Karlie and Lucy
This pattern is McCalls 6540, which is unisex and also includes patterns for a knit and woven top. The pants have so many sweet details, really more like what I would expect from an indie pattern company.

This was my first time making buttonholes on my old Bernina and they came out ok. It was also my first time sewing a fly zip. It was much easier than I expected. This pattern wasn't difficult, but was time consuming. I would definitely make this pattern for her again. Luckily they fit loosely enough that she should be able to wear them into next Summer.

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janet in ft worth said...

Adorable, both Karlie and the cute knickers!